My Story

Doodling in the back of my year 9 Science class sparked an ever-growing creative obsession for me. My doodles, driven by boredom, have since grow into a passion to do my best to capture the beauty of the world around me.
Growing up I spent my summers in-between Cooks Beach in the Coromandel & Mangawhai Heads in Northland, surrounded by an abundance of nature & sandy beaches. This sparked my interest in New Zealand Nature. My earliest exposure to art was painting New Zealand landscapes & drawing portraits - It wasn’t until High School that I began to experiment with fine ink pen, fascinated by the detail you can create with just one colour.
From doodling at 13, I’m now pursuing a career as an artist full-time at the age of 19. My designs represent what I love most about New Zealand Nature and wildlife & I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. 
My Work
Chelsea-Mae Art is an ever-growing collection of products created from my designs. 
The designs are created using fine ink pens, paper and a whole lot of patience! Each original design is then used to create products such as Prints, Notebooks and Apparel which are available for you to purchase today.
When you purchase from C-Mae Art you can be sure that the product is created lovingly in New Zealand by local small business all over the country!
My Ethics
We're is all about supporting locals! Chelsea-Mae art began in my childhood bedroom, so I've always focused on supporting other small businesses by sourcing locally - Supporting small family owned printing companies & stores.
My love for nature isn't only reflected in my designs, but also in my business practices. All of our packaging is paper or soft plastic recyclable and each product comes with an overview & reminder of what can be recycled & where you can recycle it.