Commission pieces and tattoo design are your ideas, drawn by me, for you. I would love to work with you and your ideas to create something that you love! 
Commissioned Piece
Commission pieces are drawn on the paper size higher than the size you order. So for example if you want your drawing to be A5 size, I will draw it on A4 paper so there is plenty of extra space for you to be free to frame it as you please. 
For each commissioned piece one print will be made for our archive & you will be sent the signed original. 
Tattoo Design 
Tattoo designs are drawn on paper the same size as you would like your design to be on your body. You will be sent a high resolution scan of your piece to take to your tattoo artist. 
Please note: some tattoo artists do not like to tattoo other people's designs so check with your desired tattooist before getting in contact with me. 
Please use the form below to give us a basic understanding of the vision you have for your commissioned piece or tattoo design. This will help us streamline the production process. We will be in contact with the next steps within 48 hours.