The giraffe! 


This drawing is one which I have grown to love over time. When I first completed the drawing I wasn’t proud of my work. To me, the giraffe looks like it has 3 eyes but maybe that was just because I had looked at it for too long. After taking some time to step away from the picture I began to see that the giraffes “birthmark”under its eyes only adds character to his face!


This picture is one which I have always imagine in a nursery or young child’s room as I think that he has a very curious look to him and curiosity is often associated with children as they explore the world. 


This piece took 16 hours to complete. This high-quality hand drawn ink artwork is a limited edition print, it's one of only 100 to be printed.

Available in the following sizes:


 A4 210 x 297mm
297 x 420mm



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